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Songs to Close Mortgages To Thursday, March 27, 2014 | comments

So let's say you're Taylor Swift. I'm sure all the time fourteen year old girls say to you, "YOU GET ME, TAYLOR!" and "Your song meant so much to me! I did know that he was trouble when he walked in! Your music really helped me get through a hard time! I told him we were never ever ever getting back together!"

But I wonder if you are other musicians if anyone is just ever like "hey so at work I spend a lot of time filing TPS reports and doing HR duties and I like listening to your music when I do it.

Anyhow, in case anyone was looking for a good set of songs to do mortgages to, here is mine. The key is keeping things pretty fast paced. Enjoy all of my both good and/or embarrassing songs!

Ironically, lyrics may not be safe for work on a few of these.

[A mashup a Jay Z and Radiohead. NSFW]

This song except the extended version. From Attack on Titan [Hulu Link] which I watched in like 5 days while feeding our new baby in the middle of the night. If you think this is nerdy, wait until a few songs down

I've always found the video kind of obnoxious but the song catchy. It's a Far East Movement Parody