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"Serial Bus is a place for me to dump interesting links that I find."


"Sed ut perspiciatis unde omnis iste natus error sit voluptatem accusantium doloremque laudantium, totam rem aperiam, eaque ipsa quae ab illo inventore veritatis et quasi architecto beatae vitae dicta sunt explicabo."


Work Smarter, Not Harder Saturday, January 30, 2010 | comments

Panning time lapse photo with kitchen time Friday, January 29, 2010 | comments

This clever flickr user created a time lapse photo that also panned through the living room by mounting it on a ticking timer

More info and plans on MAKE

Observation Wednesday, January 27, 2010 | comments

AT&T Uverse loves to push paperless billing [which I've signed up for] and loves to talk about how doing that for you helps you and them go green. Yet at the same time, they just started sending me a glossy magazine-sized program guide every month.

D&D Prison Ban [quick link] | comments

Over on the NYTimes blog and across the internet, everyone's talking about the ban that one prison put on Dungeon and Dragons. You can read about the ridiculousness here on their story about the appeal that was recently denied:

Dungeons & Dragons Prison Ban Upheld [NYTimes]

Guess now they're going to have to play Aces and Eights or Call of Cthulhu.

This landscape is not a photograph. Well it is, but it's a scale model rather than nature. Tuesday, January 26, 2010 | comments

This was on MAKE today. It's not a photograph but instead is a scale model. The artist writes:
"This model is simply made out of faux fur (fields), cotton (clouds) and sifted tile grout(mountains). The perspective is forced as in all of my images, and the lighting effect was created by simply shifting the white balance."
Matthew Albanese's website has a whole lot more of his great stuff.

I'll just leave these here Monday, January 25, 2010 | comments

^look btw, Ellen Page^


Orange and blue are popular movie poster colors | comments

This is one of those things that I know I'm going to see everywhere now. More at the source website [ads potentially NSFW] via a somethingawful thread

I think Into the Blue wins most blatant

Colored Pencil Time! Sunday, January 24, 2010 | comments

I want to make something like this some day. Except just a big sphere. The artist has a whole bunch of cool things like this.

In other colored pencil news, my dad linked the very cool Prismacolor colored pencils color chart to me. Go to their website to check out their whole color chart. It's pretty impressive.

Surely you can't be opposed to looking at some cute teeth once in a while? | comments

My Milk Toof has got it going on. This person that goes by Inhae made some little teeth characters out of polymer clay and posts series of photos that tell a little story about the things that the teeth--icky and Lardee--are up to.

First I was impressed, then I looked closer and I was really impressed Saturday, January 23, 2010 | comments

The jars are not punctured: the branch pieces below stay up because they're on little jars inside the big jars. There are others like this on the artist's website

[via MAKE]

Haul Videos / 51 Things Videos | comments

I take my job here at Serial Bus pretty seriously. And when I say seriously I mean I can go days at a time without a new post. That being said, part of my job is to also educate you about what's hip on the internet these days. And here are two videos that I don't so much understand.

1) 51 things in my room. This thing has over 7000 video responses and over 2 million views. It's stupid yet at the same time kinda cool. I get the feeling that everyone that made a video response was like "yeah yeah, ms boxxy lookalike, I see your stuff" and then found themselves making their own little video a few minutes later. It's like Seth Green in Idle Hands except instead of strangling people without being able to control it, you find yourself posting Youtube videos without power to stop yourself.

2) I'll let Brett Elrich educate you on the similar practice of Haul Videos [click on thumbnail below to be taken to video in new window]:

[NSFW due to thumbnail?]

This guy got glasses tattooed onto his face | comments

Via digg. The guy also posted a full flickr photoset

This will look extra ridiculous if, in his old age, he has to wear reading glasses over top of his tattoo glasses. Good ol' six-eyes they'll call him.

Catch 'em all. Check Thursday, January 21, 2010 | comments

As posted on Joystiq, this girl (well, she's 21) recently got into the Guinness Book of World Records for having the largest Pokemon collection at over 12000 items. In fact, she says that since it was counted, the number is now up to 13,400 items sprawled through her mom's house. It took her 13 years to amass this collection (so a little more than 1,000 Pokemon things per year).

I think if I had a collection and had the 10 or so Snorlaxes that she has in the upper right hand corner, I would say 'ok, that's enough Snorlaxes and Mudkips now. Think the next thing I will put money toward will be an apartment of my own' "

Telegraph.co.uk also has a small article on Lisa Courtney's Pokemon Center Europe and how it takes over the entirety of her mom's house.

The problem with Craigslist Wednesday, January 20, 2010 | comments

For work, I post listings to Craigslist. Over the last two months, any post that I post gets flagged and taken down in about an hour. I make sure every post I put up is different, I post with a variety of different headlines, and no matter what I do, I refresh in about an hour and I see that the status bar for that listing has gone from green (active) to red (flagged/deleted). I made sure to follow Craigslist and federal guidelines, but nothing helps.

So far I've had one post stay alive long enough to make it off the front page of results. Within 24 hours of being online, that post got me 4 calls/emails and 1 application, so it drives me to keep trying, but I can't seem to replicate that posting's success. I emailed Craiglist and they haven't responded.

Yet at the same time, somehow miscategorized spam posts like "Yòu can Öwn a home" go unflagged. Not to sound paranoid, but it would seem that someone is out to get me and the unfortunate thing is that if anyone flags anything, it just gets taken right down so there's not much I can do except hoping that next time I put a post online, my nemesis is on lunch.

edit: Tried with 5 more listings. All flagged and deleted. Updated image.
edit2: I'm up to 20 posts in the past 60 days that don't last an hour.

Graph of available Crayola colors over time Tuesday, January 19, 2010 | comments

[Via MAKE]

See also: List of Crayon Colors

Green Screen Tech Sunday, January 17, 2010 | comments

I have to admit, I was surprised that even a network TV show would use green screen technology for something seemingly so simple.

[Via the Digg Reel, a great video podcast]

This explains why "Pants on the Ground" was a trending topic on twitter yesterday Friday, January 15, 2010 | comments

Laugh if you want, but this guy writes lyrics better than those contained in I Got A Feeling

Edit: I knew it wouldn't be long. Here's a remix:

I can't carry on my photo equipment on this plane? Guess I'll be getting out my gun then Thursday, January 14, 2010 | comments

Some creative professional photographers make sure their baggage isn't lost by packing a gun in their bag:

I'm waiting for the day when he brings in a fake deed | comments

The resident turned his breakers off again and let us know that his fridge wasn’t working. She also called Comcast and let them know her cable was out. When he came in to tell me about it, he, as a sidenote, explained that he loved it here, never wanted to leave, and that he was in contact with our owner about buying her “condo”. I explained that the apartments weren’t for sale. “Well I’ve been talking with the owner” he said. “Ok.” I said and she left, satisfied.

Sometime that evening he must have brokered some sort of late night sale. He started referring to his apartment as gis condo and told us that maintenance isn’t allowed to go into his apartment at night. We told him that they don't, but he says two men were captured on surveillance camera.

This may be related to last week when he informed us that someone had broken into his apartment [a.k.a. a Plexiglas panel on the storm door started to come loose].

I wish we had some sort of family contact number or something for him.

"Do Not Want" Origin | comments

where does the phrase do not want come from
The image below is the reported origin of the internet's favorite phrase for disgust. As the NSFW video explains, some people in China got a hold of the English bootleg for Episode III and wrote their own subtitles track that was less than exact.

If you don't know what Do Not Want is, Know Your Meme can help.

Map of South America in Clothes Wednesday, January 13, 2010 | comments

From this source promoting the blog Strange Maps.

This poor, poor interviewer Tuesday, January 12, 2010 | comments

Old, yes, but I bet some of you haven't seen it.

Do you have something against looking at a cute kitten once in a while? | comments

The Daily Kitten is the best blog of daily kittens out there (and yes, there are multiple blogs with the same name. Accept no imitations. Link goes to full set of this one.

LOL WUT | comments

This was a surreal painting and then someone made it an image macro.

This backpack looks like the image macro.

Latawnya, the Naughty horse, learns to say “no” to drugs Thursday, January 7, 2010 | comments

It's days like today that I'm glad Awful Library Books exists. Here's the first two pages. Check out their site for page 3 [or if images below are too small]

Amish Electric Fireplace Tuesday, January 5, 2010 | comments

I just saw this on HSN.

From Wikipedia: "The rules of the church — the Ordnung — must be observed by every member. These rules cover most aspects of day-to-day living, and include prohibitions or limitations on the use of power-line electricity, telephones, and automobiles, as well as regulations on clothing."

What's next? Vegetarians working at chicken processing plants?

Hey guys let's do a Last Supper parody for our ad. No one has done that before! Oh wait... Monday, January 4, 2010 | comments

lost last supper parody

Images are just a few of many from sources: Lost Supper and Compilation of Last Supper Parodies (like 30)

Pick a mind-related pun and put it here | comments

Thanks, Awkward Family Photos for continuing to be funny.

Pardon the dust | comments

I messed up and cleared out my old blogger template. The site's gonna look weird for a day or so while I rebuild it

Flip book leveled up Sunday, January 3, 2010 | comments

All hand drawn