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A recent magic card is selling for $15,000 Monday, June 8, 2015 | comments

This is insane. I realize that I don't need to say much more than "someone would pay $15,000 for a single card" but let me explain briefly for anyone who wants context.

[Also, here it is on ebay and here's an article about it]

 At a recent Magic the Gathering Grand Prix, a bunch of players were doing a draft. Drafting is a format where everyone gets random cards. You pick one card, and then pass the remaining card to pass to the player next to you. If you won the entire event, you would get $4,000 and a spot on the Magic Pro Tour.

So this guy happened to open a pack of cards where one of the cards that he opened was worth about $400. Even though it didn't work well with the cards he had already taken, he took it because, well, hey, $400.

 Tons of Magic players got really upset that someone would take a card just for it's value rather than take a card that would work well in his deck. They thought he was breaking the spirit of the game. Anyhow, so the player decided he was going to put the card up on sale on ebay with half of the money going to charity. Currently this card, which some people are calling "a piece of Magic history" is selling for crazy amounts of money. [and for the record, I would not call this card a piece of Magic history that warrants anywhere near this price]