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Mindless Parenting and Kids in Mind

Karen and I saw 'Blood Diamond' Saturday at the dollar theater. One woman brought her four year old daughter. Did they go see 'Happy Feet'? No. Did they go see 'Charlotte's Web'? No. The mom decided she was going to take her daughter to a movie with scenes like this:

Rebels with guns drive into a city shooting people all around and we see people being struck (blood spurts and they fall to the ground), cars exploding, a woman holding a child is shot (we see blood on the woman's shirt), and many people run toward a line of government troops that open fire on them and we see many cut down as they run. Two men and a boy are shot as they run away. A man is shot in the chest, and he falls back dead. Several men are lined up against a wall and shot (we see one struck and he falls to the ground).

And this:

Several young boys are beaten and whipped and brainwashed into believing that they are unloved by their parents and unwanted in order to be made into ruthless and bloodthirsty warriors (we see blood on their faces and chests).

Good parenting!

[quotes taken from Kids in Mind]

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