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Lonelygirl15 features blatant ad

Apparently, the LG15 people have found someone to advertise in their show and have a thirty second advertisement (by the characters) at the end of the most recently posted video.

From The Next Net
"[A creator of the show] says that Loneygirl15 gets 1.5 million views per week, or 300,000 to 400,000 per episode. While he wouldn't say exactly how much Hershey's is dishing out for the product placement, he confirmed that it was in the same range as what Diggnation gets from its sponsors (which is as much at $10,000 per show per sponsor).

Transcript from the LG15 wiki:
(Cut to car stopped)
Daniel: Hey, what is that?
Bree: What? Ice Breakers Sours Gum.
Daniel: Can I have a piece?
Jonas: I would-I would love a piece.
Bree: Um... I only have four left.
Daniel: What do you mean, you...There's only three of us in the car!
Jonas: Come on...
Bree: I know, but I...
Daniel: Come on. We came all the way out here to pick you up. That's exactly right, so, uh...
Jonas: So what? That's it?
Bree: Okay.
Daniel: Besides, my mouth right now feels like...
Bree: Okay, okay, okay.
(Bree pours out the four pieces of gum in her hand and holds it out.)
Daniel: Alright, thank you!
(Jonas and Daniel reach out their hands to get some, but Bree puts them all in her mouth instead.)
Jonas: Oh, that's so messed up.
Daniel: Oh...my...God.
Bree: Whoa, it's sour.
Jonas: You give us this big buildup and no delivery.
Bree: Okay, lets go. Why are we sitting here?

Video (scan ahead to 3:30)

They're getting pretty popular so I guess they can do these kinda things now. A couple months ago they had Katherine McPhee (of American Idol) on a pretty pointless episode. As seen here:

^^Stuff like this doesn't do anything to move the plot along. Unlike this one:

Completely lost? See the LGPedia entry on "the story so far"

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