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Things I learned in California

I'm back from California. Here's two things I learned that you wouldn't necessarily expect

Crappy Hotel is Better than Mediocre Hotel - When I went to Indiana to shoot a wedding, I stayed at a cheap, cruddy Travelodge for like 40 bucks a night. I forget what the hotel in California cost me, but I'm sure it had to be double that at least.

At the crappy hotel they try to give you stuff to make up for their crappyness: a bunch of TV channels, free wifi, etc. At the mediocre hotel, they try to make you buy stuff. Want more than 12 channels? That'll cost you. Want to drink that bottle of water on the counter? $3.50. Want to park in our parking lot? $14/day.

California Traffic is Better than Michigan Traffic
- There are a lot of cars on the expressways in California--six lanes of em--but in a way, I think it's easier to drive there. Everyone knows how to drive, so you can tell when someone's going to get over. People let you in because they know that it's tough to get over with so much traffic. And everyone's going the same speed so it's easy to keep track of where everyone is in relation to your car.

Now if only more cars in traffic didn't mean slower traffic.

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