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Internet Lesson: tl;dr

Hi. Welcome to another internet lesson.
/has already taught you how to use slashes correctly.

Now I'm going to teach you the beauty of "tl;dr" which stands for "Too Long; Didn't Read".

Lazy people sometimes often ask for a tl;dr if someone copy-and-pastes a huge block of text into something. Or if someone links you a huge, lengthy news story

Examplebot2007: Hey check it out

PshReading: Can I get a tl;dr

Examplebot2007: You're lazy and annoying. Yet efficient.
Examplebot2007: Some dude gives paint to animals and sells the "art" for like $180 bucks.

PshReading: Ha, thats weird. Thanks for saving me from reading all that.

Examplebot2007: Hey what did you think of the symbolism in Ulysses?
PshReading: tl;dr
Examplebot2007: You're gonna fail.

Now let's see it in action using my story below. It's overly wordy and boring. Realizing this as an author, I've placed a summary at the bottom for people that say to themselves "That's too long, I'm not gonna read it"

---overly long---
After shooting a wedding on Saturday, I stopped at a Burger King at 1am to order a decaf coffee.

I paid and then rolled up to the second window where a Burger King guy handed me a bag. Because I'd ordered a coffee (or as they call it : a BK Joe), I knew they must have gotten the orders mixed up. As he's shoving the bag into my hand, the guy asks "Do you want cream or sugar with your coffee?"

So while I'm "but-I'm-but-the"ing my way to try and form a sentence that both explains the situation and answers his questions, he pushes the bag into my hand.

By the weight, I then realize that I'm holding a bag with a cup of coffee placed in it.

"No thanks" I say in response to his cream or sugar question and he says "Thank you and have a nice day" as if it were normal to get your coffee in a sack.

tl;dr I ordered a coffee from Burger King and the guy gave it to me in a bag.

You're welcome.

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