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Spammers get more clever all the time

Here at work, I got an email yesterday that read:

I wonder if you can help with some advice. My unit has been on market for almost 4 weeks now, the market seems to be slow. What web sites or publication I should use to get more exposure.


It was to a large number of local apartments. I figured it was a scam of some sort, so I didn't reply and I just let it sit.

But then, today, I got another email from a second person that did a reply to all on the previous email. She wrote:

The best sites are www.CraigsList.com and [Website]. Try them, I received a lot of calls and emails from them. The Premium option kept my listing reposted everyday.

I noticed after I added photos, I received more hits. I rented my place within 5 days.

As a general rule of thumb, I would aim to keep your rents below market and be open to take in pets. Do what you have to do to make your place as competitive as possible.

Best Luck,

So basically it looked like a legitimate email when it was really an ad. Everyone knows craigslist. The basic idea seems to be to get people to say "I already use craigslist, but I'm not on the other site! I better sign up!" And apparently with the premium option.

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