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Above, Beyond, and on a Detour

I can't believe the number of phone calls I have received from a single person today. People often ask for directions to get to our community, and I gladly provide them. This person, however, thought that I was her personal Sacajawea.

-I got an initial call in which I gave her turn by turn directions from a destination It took about 20 minutes for her to write down.
-I later that day got a call that she was driving and that I-94 was closed. I told her to take the detour. It will route the right way back to 94.
-Then I got a call that she had followed the detour but no longer was on 94 W. She was on 75 N. I gave her new directions.
-She did the first item of the directions and called back. I told her get on 14. She hangs up.
-She's on 14: what now? I say stay on it until 23. I can give her more than one direction in a call I tell her, she says she'll call back.
-She calls saying she's still on 14. I say call me back when she's on 23.
-She calls me on 23. I say get off at exit 37B. She repeats it back to me.
-She calls me having gotten off at a different exit. I say continue on Main. She turns on Huron. She gets back on main. I tell her the street we are off of and to watch for that. I get her on to that street.
-She calls from that street. I tell her the two main intersections that she is going to go across. She tells me streets she sees. I tell her keep going. It will be a ways. I describe the corner of each intersection. She tells me a street she sees. I say keep going. Keep going until she goes across the second street. By this time I have given in to the fact that I going to get a call for every turn.
-She calls me from the next road. She is going to turn. I say no, go across it [like I had told her 3 times]. I tell her that she is going to see our community's sign at the next light and to turn there to get to me.
-She calls me sitting at the light to tell me that she is at the light. I say good, see you soon. Eleven calls and an hour and a half later (it should have taken 50 minutes), it was over.

The reason for her visit? She was coming in to pick up a check rather than have me mail it to her. She was also looking for other apartments because she would accept no less than a washer and dryer in unit (ours you just have to walk downstairs) and a gas stove. We don't keep data on stoves, but when she mentioned some apartments on Ypsi she had heard of, I happily printed her a map to them and gave her their phone number. You know: in case she had any questions for them.

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