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I try to read Sci Fi and Fantasy Again

Back in the day after I read through all the Hardy Boys books, I moved onto Star Wars books [I will be happy to point out IG-88 next time you watch Star Wars]. From there, it was Dragonlance. And then on to Stephen King and all sorts of other "real" books. Then came college where I read a lot of stuff written before 1800.

I've wanted to try my hand at reading some Sci Fi or fantasy again, but every time I pick up a sci fi book it's a retelling of the Cold War in spaaaaaaace or something similar. And last time I picked up a fantasy book, it was a total dud.

I figured there's gotta be something out there that I would like. So today at Allie's birthday, I asked @kev097 and Angie if they had any recommendations.

I got some great recommendations. Dune. Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Philip K Dick. Ray Bradbury. Of course, I said, the classics. The perfect place to start.

Except the AADL was out of classics. And since Dune book 7 didn't seem like a good place to start, I am trying the shotgun method: pick 12 books regardless of what's on the cover and read through them like an editor. Editors usually can tell if they like a manuscript by reading the first typed page. I figure among these 12 books I've gotta find something that I like. If I don't like it then it's off to the library returns slot when I'm there picking up one of the classics I put on hold.

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  • Blogger KZ says so:
    March 17, 2009 at 12:23 PM  

    If you're going to read Raymond E. Feist. Start with his first book Magician (which is actually 2 books, Magician:Apprentice and Magician:Master) He writes a great old school type fantasy novel.

    Another fantastic series is the Amber Series by Roger Zelazny. The first book is titled "9 Princes in Amber" but these days you can find his work put all into 1 book usually entitled "The Chronicles of Amber" Zelazny's stuff is a very original mix of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. Of all the Sci-Fi fantasy stuff that I've read his series is the most original and the only one that I've read twice. He's an easy read.

    The Guide to the Galaxy books are really funny. Of all the books I've read those had me laughing out loud the most. He's got a great detective series as well though not exactly sci-fi or fantasy. top