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Speakers should be easy to install

As I posted on my photo blog, I had to buy new speakers thanks to Zooey's nomming. The problem: when I hooked up my speakers, both speakers were working, but both were only playing the right-side channel audio. I plugged headphones into the jack and found that the line out was that way too: so it was my settings, not the speakers.

Somewhere deep in my computer I had changed a slider in an attempt to boost the volume of my old speaker (which was just the R speaker, the left was broken), and now I had to find that slider.

I tried reinstalling the driver. I tried to figure out where the config files were so I could reset them to default. I tried to find equalizers online. I looked to see if I had changed it in VLC, Audacity, WMP, or iTunes. I looked for programs that could change any potential setting. Nothing helped. Every time I played Such Great Heights, I could only hear one half of the initial boop boop boop booping (a good way to test if your left/right is working btw)

In the end, the solution I developed was to just remap all the line out to a different audio jack. So for everyone on the internet that this may happen to, this is what you do. Go to your RealTek Sound Manager and change it to manual mode. Change the old line out to nothing. Change a different jack to be Line Out. Plug your speakers into that jack. Fixed. I just saved you two hours.

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