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Guess it's back to checking wikipedia from computers now

When we got our free phones (me a Blackjack II, Karen a Blackberry), we got them free from let's talk because we agreed to buy a data plan for 6 months (this, btw, is the mobile phone definition of "free"). Today is the first day without it. Pratically speaking, I realize that it's not worth almost doubling our monthy wireless bill (data plans add on $30 per phone) to be able to check movie times on the go, but it's amazing how much you miss it when it's gone. This is why Obama was reluctant to give up his Blackberry.

I don't get $30 of enjoyment out of being able to check my email from anywhere, but it's crazy how you get accustomed to it. Karen's laptop lives very near the bed, but she would find herself checking for emails on her phone instead. And when I would go to bed, even though I was at my computer 20 minutes ago, I would check to see if any new emails came in. If I woke up before my alarm, I'd always check my emails right after I checked the time.

In the end though, I like having money more than I like looking at lolcats on the go via mobile Google Reader. But only slightly.

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