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All I really need to get by are items from the D&D Player's Handbook

As Karen pointed out, people in the Star Trek movie spent a lot of their time almost falling off of ledges, hanging from ledges, or watching their gun be kicked off a ledge.

It's a comfort to know that if I were transported to some sort of war in the future that I would still get by even with my insufficient technology since it all comes down to a fist fight in the end (though there was also a sword fight in Star Trek).

And it's not like I need a gun since the minion training school never seems to include marksmanship.

It seems that the one thing that would be most beneficial to be would not be a blaster rifle or lightsaber, but rather crampons so that when I undoubtedly find myself hanging on the edge of some great chasm, I can can get some traction and pull myself up.

That and a gauntlet since heroes always get their hands stepped on.

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