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Michael Jackson crashed the internet, sold the albums, is not Billie Jean's lover

Via the Google Reader Recommended Items feed, here's a list of the effect that Michael Jackson traffic had on the internet:

-Leading news websites saw traffic surge to 4.2 million visitors per minute from around 2.75 million visitors per minute, according to Akamai.

-CNN's traffic grew fivefold in one hour and the site clocked 20 million pageviews.

-Twitter had its biggest spike in traffic, to 5,000 tweets per second, since Barack Obama's election as president, according to co-founder Biz Stone.

-Facebook status updates tripled.

-AOL Instant Messenger went down for 40 minutes.

-TMZ, which broke the news of Jackson's death, crashed several times amid a surge of traffic.

-The LA Times, which got early confirmation of the death, went down, as well.

-For about half an hour, Michael Jackson queries weren't working on Google News.

-Wikipedia froze amid an edit war on Jackson's page.

[See information source and data links at Gawker]

Bonus information from things I've seen:

-Chart of Google search volume by time
-Over on iTunes, Michael Jackson's albums currently occupy slots 1-9 of the top selling albums for all of iTunes (as seen at right)

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