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"Serial Bus is a place for me to dump interesting links that I find."


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MAKE-blog roundup: Pitchman, Hermit

I have a habit of keeping a lot of tabs open in Firefox. Usually it's things that I mean to read or that I'm considering sharing on here: things that I'm not sure are cool enough to blog about (or things that have already made their way 'round the internet), but things that I can't quite close the tab on. Here are two such things, both from MAKE

Pictured below in that glass hourglass is some pitch aka bitumen aka the stuff that used to go on the end of torches. The pitch flows so slowly that it took the first drop (in 1930) eight years to fall. Eight years. It should run for another hundred years or so they say. [MAKE post]

In the already-saw-it-elsewhere-before-I-could-post-it-boy-I-sure-do-like-hyphens-today category, we have the story of a glass blower that made glass shells for hermit crabs so that he could see everything they do inside their house. [MAKE post]

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