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Twlight Makes Forks, WA a tourist destination

The Twilight series is set in Forks, Washington. Apparently with the series over, no comic-con to overrun, and no movies coming out all that soon, Twilight fans are itching to feed their obsession and deciding to visit Forks as reported over on Yahoo. Forks is getting more visitors coming in in a month than they typically do in a full year.

This news story also gives me opportunity to post this blog post about a Twilight fan that has basically given her life to being obsessed with he books. A few quotes.

"I have a real, permanent Twilight tattoo that I got on my ankle in January 2008. It says "Twilight" in the official book script, and has a little flowery-star scroll encompassing it. Yes, I am THAT dedicated to Twilight that I wanted it eternally on my flesh for all to see."

"I RELIGIOUSLY check about six or seven Twilight websites two or three times every day. I spend at least three or four hours on the Internet each day doing Twilight stuff."

"Okay, every TRUE Twilight fan needs to make their pilgrimage to Mecca, aka Forks, Washington, and visit the place where all the magic happened. During the summer of 2007, when I had just discovered Twilight, I decided I had to go to Forks, no matter what. I MapQuested the directions and discovered it was 359.85 miles away from my town (so it would take seven hours to get thereā€¦no problem!) I got two days off work, specifically September 12th and 13th because I wanted to be up in Forks for Bella's birthday celebration"
Don't let the haterz say you aren't a true fan: drive to Forks, WA

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