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(Buy it) What could be greater (buy it) than golf with a gator? (buy it)

Jon and Kate Plus 8 has really gone downhill. Today I caught an episode from 2 weeks ago that was basically one big ad.

At one point, Kate talked about how great Cara and Mady were because they were helping do the dishes and how they actually wanted to do the dishes. Meanwhile a big Cascade dish detergent thing stood on the shelf always facing the camera. So I was like "ok, this looks like an ad". But unlike that 90210 episode that Karen blogged about, no one actually said the product name.

Then out comes the Gator Golf. Kate talks about how fun it was and how much they enjoyed playing it and mentions it by name. And then, off to the side you see that they have an unopened copy of the game. Just sitting there, I'm assuming so that people know what to look for when they go into the store. Don't you think that if they were going to play Gator Golf with 9 people that they would open their third copy of the game? After that they played Pictureka which was also a grand time. Both games are made by Hasbro games and oh look, Amazon happens to be selling them as a bundle.

I see what you did there, Jon and Kate.

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