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Does anyone else remember World's Wildest Police Videos and their love for the PIT maneuver?

Yesterday, some guy out in Ypsi decided that he was going to help the police by using a .357-Ruger and shooting out the tires of a car they were pursuing. Not surprisingly, alcohol was involved. According to one commenter, the shooter had a police scanner and heard the chase coming.

Retired detective Rich Kinsey wrote a post today about other experiences he's had in Southeast Michigan including one where they were investigating some break ins in a parking lot:
"While we were going back through a huge parking lot to figure out how many cars he entered or attempted to enter, one of the detectives opened a Jeep with a broken window to look for signs of theft and the registration. Unbeknownst to us, the car was equipped with a remote alarm that sounded in the owner’s apartment. The owner came out on his third floor landing and began firing a 9mm handgun at the plainclothes investigators in the parking lot."
Perhaps when you go to get a handgun permit, they should also give you a common sense quiz. Person that would be denied for a gun? Commenter cinnabar7071 who writes (with spelling mistakes left in):
"I guess this is what happens when the police can't handle their business. If the guy would not have been drunk I would be all for citizen involvment, including shooting at the feeing felon."

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