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This post ruins the ending of A Million Little Pieces.

Are you prepared for that? I'm going to totally tell you what happens in the end of the book you see at left.

Ending ruiner coming up!

Ok, so get this. We're getting toward the end of the book. The Fake James Frey's girlfriend, Lilly, relapsed and went and did drugs but then he left rehab and saved her and bought her back into rehab. While she restarts the program, he graduates the program and goes to Ohio to spend his time in jail. Before he leaves, there is an everyone-saw-it-coming goodbye scene where they pledge to be forever together and yadda yadda love story everything is going to be great.


Now Real James Frey has a problem. He is going to pass this book off as a memoir of his actual life experiences and there really is no Lilly to be with forever. So what does he do?

Well, in the last scene of the book, Fake James goes to a bar, orders a crapload of alcohol, and then just dumps it out. From this the reader is supposed to figure out that he's cured. Way to go James. Book over. BUT THEN comes the prologue where they say what all the people are supposedly up to now. So and so's in jail. So and so relapsed. So and so still works at the clinic. AND THEN:
"Lilly committed suicide by hanging in a Halfway House in Chicago. Her Grandmother had passed away two days earlier. She was found the morning James was released from Jail, and it was believed that she was sober until she died."
Author James just kills her for no reason in the epilogue of the book! Dead. Goodbye. No one to try and track down later. Doesn't matter that it's completely out of character and Fake James is getting out of his prison term that was less than six months. Dead. Hope you liked the book.

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