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Spellcheck people. Spellcheck. Oh and don't violate fair housing

Not only is this craigslist ad spelled incorrectly, but it's a violation of fair housing laws to ask for a "quiet, mature" renter since it could be seen as discriminating by familial status. I did some hunting and found other listings too, all that violated fair housing. Some write "Single person without pets welcomed" or "Perfect for single person or couple" [basically saying "no kids"], and another made you list your childrens' ages in order to schedule an appointment. The most blatant one I read said: "Only single person need apply"

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  • Blogger Boo plus Aroo says so:
    October 26, 2009 at 9:59 AM  

    So you're just not allowed to say it? Surely you have the freedom to choose who will be renting out your house. Since landlords will just not call potential tenants back if they aren't "neat and clean" (for example), seems like it saves everyones time to just say it in the ad. top