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Talk to Strangers

Talk to Strangers is a local project that collects journal entries from people on the street. Here's the synopsis from their about page:
"The project began in July of 2009 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Brandon (Ehdom) began the project spontaneously one evening by purchasing a blank notebook and writing a sign with a Sharpie marker inviting strangers to sit down and share their story. Within minutes people began stopping by and sharing stories from their lives."
The entries are anything from Postsecret-style confessions to funny stories like this one:
One day, I was walking back to my dorm in a bad mood. I looked up and saw a man heading in the opposite direction. In his hands was what appeared to be a live lobster. He held it the way you’d hold a cat, sort of under the armpits, and when he saw me looking, he raised one of its claws in a little wave (I waved back).

This is why I love this town—it seems like, whenever I start to get really discouraged, the city of Ann Arbor steps in and says, “Here, have some whimsy on the house.”

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