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Remind me not to have a book published by Dover

I have quite the queue of books lined up to read and I'm starting to make my way through them. Today I just started The King in Yellow by Robert W. Chambers, a book written in 1895 that fits into Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos. The introduction to the Dover edition of the book certainly does the man no favors:
"Today, almost all of Chambers's work is forgotten. It is doubtful if his novels are even read for period nostalgia. Indeed, their fate has taken a paradoxical turn. They were once so common and in so little demand that used-book stores discarded the or consigned them to the ten-cent bin"
Tell me more, O kind-hearted introduction!
"This rejection of Chambers is as it should be"
.[Yes, the point of the introduction is to say that The King in Yellow is the one thing that lasted among all "six or seven million words he wrote", but still. Give the guy some credit: this is the introduction. Save your maligning for the epilogue.]

[Also, Arkham Horror fans, I'll let you know if reading this book makes me lose 1 sanity and gain 4 clue tokens]

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