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Nice try, Comcast

I got a letter today that said "Important information about your U-verse service" on the envelope and I figured maybe AT&T was letting us know about a channel switch or something like that. Inside, however, was a Comcast ad starting with "If you left Comcast because AT&T promised you a low price, I understand" and going on to trying to sell me a new deal.

So that's sneaky enough, right?

Well the letter goes on to tell me about how Comcast makes it easy to switch and how there are all these great things they can offer me. The price? $99/mo for twelve months. That's not surprising; it's the same Triple Play Package they were offering 2 years ago. Here's the exception, however. The old triple play package would go up in price after your 6 or 12 month introductory period. This new package, however, is a contract that you will stay with them for a minimum of two total years:
"After 12 months, monthly service charge goes to 114.99 for months 13-24

So basically, this direct mail advertisement is in response to the fact that AT&T raised rates by $5 and is inviting me to go for a guaranteed $15 rate hike down the line. And I would have to get phone service I don't need and pay the FCC fees for that (at least $5/mo). No thanks.

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