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I cannot get on the internet because I cannot get on the internet

Sorry that there haven't been many new posts recently: Karen and I just moved into our new place and don't have internet installed yet. Yeah, there's free Wifi places, but those don't always work.

Yesterday, I wanted to post my Dungeon Lords board game review on AnnArbor.com since I normally post on Monday and was already a day behind (btw Space Alert is way better).

It was 10:00pm so I figured Starbucks would be as good a place as any. But, it turns out, in order to use their wireless, you need an AT&T account. No problem! I have an AT&T UVerse account. Well, except we just canceled that at our old place. No problem, we have a new account! Except the confirmation number and information is in Karen's email and that account didn't start until the next day. 30 minutes later of trying their password and username lookup I went to Denny's which has horribly slow internet that boots you from time to time. I got home at 11:30, an hour and a half after I left, meaning it essentially took me as long to post the article as it did to write it.

It'll be nice having internet again.

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