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"Serial Bus is a place for me to dump interesting links that I find."


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There needs to be a House Talk like there is a Car Talk

Ok, so how weird is this one.

At our condo earlier today, the power went out in part of our place in a slowly-fade-out kind of way. It took out our AC, one wall in the kitchen, and one wall in the living room.

Now here's the weird thing. If I turn on the dryer, all of those things work again. Sorta. The microwave turns and has its light on but doesn't warm anything up. The AC runs but isn't very cool.

And, as I also discovered, when the dryer then turns off, all of those things stop working again. Unfortunately, I found this out when my computer suddenly shut off, getting rid of my entire board game column that I'd been working on.

We haven't had any problems like this until now. I think it may actually be the furnace trying to draw too much power: when I flipped off the switch to the furnace, the light in the basement got as bright as it normally would be. But still, when the dryer turns off, so does everything else. Guess I'll have to call someone.

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