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We barely have enough room for everyone's bikes, let alone this.

I had a resident come in yesterday evening who started out by saying "I heard a story on NPR today," which I assumed was a preface to something about how people these days negotiate rent with landlords at lease renewal (something that we don't mess with since you can run into perceived fair housing issues when you start offering different things to different people).

Anyhow, that's not what he was in to ask about: "They said that now that every resident is allowed to keep up to four chickens."

I tried to gauge if he was putting me on, but he seemed serious so I said "Well, not here. We've got pet policies and chickens are definitely not in there."

I knew he was serious when he said "Well is there a place outside that could be designated for them around here? Hens only--no roosters--and they don't crow."

"No," I said, "we just don't have anywhere they would go" and we went on to the next thing he had come in to ask about.

Can you imagine? We don't even allow dogs here, let alone chickens. Who would take care of them? Who would pay for the chicken coops? And, most importantly, who would clean up after them?

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