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"Serial Bus is a place for me to dump interesting links that I find."


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Heroic day at work today

Spot the contradiction in the 4 statements!
1. The lock on the door to my son's hall won't lock
2. I noticed this two days ago
3. I would have forgotten to call about this if I hadn't had this other thing to call about.
4. This makes me very concerned and I want this to be fixed right away. Anyone could walk into their hall.

Though her description, she made it sound like parts of the lock were sticking out, keeping the door from closing and wouldn't consider my suggestion on how it could be fixed [When maintenance uses a master hall key on a lock, they can turn it so that the lock stays unlocked. If you put a regular key in that lock to open it, it goes back to autolock mode]. So I said I would head over and see what could be done. I took a walk there, put a hall key in the lock, and turned it back to normal.

Rest easy, everything is fixed.

In other heroic news, some other people that moved in from Korea just came in and called me a hero for helping them resolve a problem they were having with getting electricity in their name without a social security number.

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