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I went to Borders today; people were ransacking it

Borders is closing some stores and today I went to one of the ones that was closing and it was jam packed. While there, I picked a bunch of random books, taking pictures of their prices. Every book that I photographed, I'm putting online so it's a fair contest. Lets compare prices and see why Borders is closing. Borders prices are figured with their 20% discount and a 6% Michigan sales tax since that's part of the price too.

Borders Price: $15.25
Amazon: $11.42

Borders Prices: $12.67, 12.72
Amazon Prices: $10.55, 10.20

Borders Price: $9.33 (Penguin edition)
Amazon Price: $5.99 (different Penguin edition)

Borders Price: $33.91
Amazon Price: $26.39

Borders Price: $14.37
Amazon Price: $11.53

Borders Price: 11.86
Amazon Price: 11.99

Borders Price: $20.34
Amazon Price: $16.31

Borders Price: $21.20
Amazon Price: $19.00

Lauren Conrad: Sweet Little Lies (paperback)
Borders Price: $8.47
Amazon Price: $9.99 (though hardcover is $7.20)

Dungeons and Dragons: Heroes of the Forgotten Kingdoms
Borders Price: $16.91
Amazon Price: $12.89

Puppy Place: Goldie
Borders Price: $4.23
Amazon Price: $4.99

Date Night on DVD
Borders Price: $16.95
Amazon Price: $14.99

World of Warcraft Programming: Second Edition
Borders Price: $42.39
Amazon Price: $29.80

Total (in case this is your exact shopping list)
Borders: $240.60
Amazon: $193.25

And still they had lots of people in line, buying everything they could. I mean even the needlepoint section was getting low on books.

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