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This guy is ridiculous

Here's the summary:
Back in 2008, a U.S./Afghan patrol was ambushed. They were in a village and suddenly all the lights cut out and they were getting shot with bullets and RPG rounds by about 50 Taliban fighters.

So then this guy, Dakota Meyer, is somewhere else and he's like "let me go in and get them" because his friends were in there and there wasn't any air support coming. His superior officers order him not to go, but he disobeys orders, gets another guy, Juan Rodriguez-Chavez, and the two of them take a Humvee. Meyer mans the gun turret and they go in while under fire to make the rescue: saving 13 Marines and 23 Afghans while shooting 8 Taliban fighters even after getting hit with shrapnel in the arm. They made 5 trips in and, for his bravery, Meyer was today awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor (the other guy got the Navy Cross)

Full story: http://news.yahoo.com/obama-awards-medal-honor-young-us-marine-193935264.html

Sadly, as reported here, when a Blackhawk did arrive, it informed him they could see 4 dead bodies: the friends that he was trying to save.

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