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Explain to me how these are related (part 2)

So remember that time that Amazon gave me weird recommendations? Well now Netflix is doing it.

Karen and I just got Netflix to save money (do you realize cable basically costs $2.40/day and Netflix is $8/month?). When you first sign up you do this thing where you rate stuff you have seen and then it starts recommending stuff to you. It did a really good job suggesting movies and shows for us even though our 5 star ratings range from Battlestar Galactica to Gilmore Girls.

It also recommended a bunch of anime so I figured I would find one to give a shot. I've never really watched anime (other than Pokemon / Digimon) and so I asked Jake what a good one to try out would be. On his recommendation, I am watching Death Note. I'm 11 episodes in and so far it's really good: plot driven with plenty of cliffhangers. It looks like this.

I have it rated 5 stars. Based on this, Netflix recommends...

Crunch Super Slimdown DVD Cover Because you Enjoyed Death NoteAnd see where it has the 4 red stars? That means "Netflix thinks that if you watched this, you would rate it 4 stars"

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