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"Serial Bus is a place for me to dump interesting links that I find."


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Nerds, let's get it together - Lords of Waterdeep Inevitable Betrayal Promo Card

So there's this game, Lords of Waterdeep. Good game. And in this game, there's a common deck of cards that you use to affect your opponents. There was recently an auction for a promo card that cost this much
So here someone's paying $33.36 for an single card that will go into a deck of 60ish other cards and in barely have any effect. And this isn't a buy-it-now listing: this is an actual auction and someone bid that amount. $33.36, by the way, is more than the game itself costs. But because this one card is so hard to get, people will pay crazy amounts to get it/ --------
Also, the game has a really cool box. It's really well designed. But it's not this cool.
Also, why are you chopping down trees while you open up games. -------- Previous post on a similar topic: Dixit Promo, Arkham Horror Expansion

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