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"Serial Bus is a place for me to dump interesting links that I find."


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In this post, I show that I can not break tables

Since I just had a phone interview for a web content management job, I figured that I should put up a post in case they looked me up to see if I could run a website (Hello! Thanks again for taking the time to interview me!). Especially considering that I purposefully allowed the image in my last post to break the table by being over 500px.
Note how this image is 400px wide and does not break the table.

Also note how cute my daughter is.
If you want to see some other things I've put online, you can check out the articles I posted on AnnArbor.com by going to check out a listing of all articles tagged with my name. If you check out an individual article, you can see how I had to manage what was above and below the break, captions, how things sat relative to in-text ads, and media for each post

Since those articles were posted about a year ago and that AnnArbor.com has done a redesign which may slightly change how things set.

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