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Libraries v. Bookstores

I'm meeting Karen at the mall so we can buy our wedding rings. I'm leaving a bit early so I can go to the bookstore and look at books. Not to buy them, but to look and see if there are any good ones.

The thing about the Northeast Branch Public Library is it's really hard to discover a good book. Plus they don't have a lot of good books it seems. I mean I'm sure they do, but they're pretty hard to look though and so far I haven't had a "wow this looks like a good book!" experience. They don't have many hipster looking books which are usually a pretty safe bet for being at least mildly entertaining and reading the first few pages usually gives me a good enough idea of the book to know if I want to read it. After all, that's how writing agents decide whether they like something or not: the first page in the case of a short story.

There are a few too many books that have either ALL CAPS SANS SERIF TITLES or super scripty cursive ones (oh, and even two in Copperplate Gothic), and if you ask me, sometimes you can tell a book by its cover.

On a more positive note, I just read a great book which I'll blog about later. This one I discovered thanks to a radio program.

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