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Library Internet

I went to Ann Arbor's Northeast Branch Library today to look for a copy of About A Boy and a sound effects CD (for a video me, Karen, and Ciara are making). While there, I got on the internet in their lab. My nerdy reason for being on the computers was to look up what level Gastly learns Confuse Ray. The guys next to me were there looking at Myspace, comparing the hotness of their friends.

And the woman towards the end was on Adult Friend Finder which I'm not going to link for obvious reasons. The site, for those that've never heard of it, is a site where people post scantily clad photos in search of "casual encounters." It was featured in that Glenn Close movie.

Creepy (the website, not Glenn Close).

Anyhow, I picked up
-About A Boy (because I heard about it on This American Life and it sounds good)
-Full Metal Alchemist (because Bleach is good so I figured I could give an anime a chance)
-The Animation Show (because I've missed it for all four consecutive years its been at the Michigan Theater)

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  • Anonymous Allie says so:
    June 30, 2007 at 10:44 AM  

    At the end of my senior year, I was studying in the local library. Our study group was distracted by a snickering preteen boy on a computer nearby. We snuck a peek. He was cybering an older woman. Um. Ew. top