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World of Warcraft: Day 3

[I didn't get to play on day 2 of my WoW trial because I had more important, real-life things to do. So here's day 3]

First come pictures then come more general impressions at the end. So now with all the patches installed on my game of WoW, I finally got to make my character, Cedric II. Or as WoW puts it: Cedricii. Plopped down in the middle of Ironforge with an axe and yellow pants.

I fought some trolls,

died a couple times,

did some exploring,

fought some bears,

some more bears,

this big ol' guy,

and looted some treasure.

Then I met up with my brother, who runs a level 70 wizard. For those of you that don't know about WoW, that's the highest level you can be. That's his cat.

Jake gave me the grand tour of things.

Here we are waiting for the train.

Stopped off in the human city (whose name I forget)

Gates to the city.

What are the gates of the city without a screaming dwarf statue?

Jake then teleported us to the night elf city. It was very purple.

Then I tooled around myself

before meeting up with a gnome who I took on a troll cave with.

And, more importantly, I got rid of my yellow pants.

So that's what I did today. I made it to level 9 or so. It's pretty weird. I mean I can see why people get crazy addicted to it. The whole game is set up with one quest after another so it's pretty easy to do just one more quest. It's that whole sense-of-accomplishment thing. After I'd played for a few hours I left to go get food and it felt strange: like what had I done all day--and for that matter, was it still Saturday? (It was).

Anyhow, that's enough questing for me today. I'm sure I'll be back tomorrow.

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