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Background: I've been playing in Magic tournaments many Sundays after church. While there's plenty of strategy while playing the actual game of Magic, a lot of the strategy and fun of Magic comes from choosing exactly which cards go into your deck.

Alright, so now that you know that let's talk about the game I played in on Sunday. One of my four matches was against this guy that was pretty serious about Magic. In the past, I guess he's gone to state championships. So I wasn't all that surprised when he beat me 2 games to 0. Thought I almost beat him in game 2.

Now fast forward to today when I was messing around with making a new deck. Said deck centers around a combo that uses a card called Momentary Blink, but that's not really that important. Anyhow, I was pretty much done with the deck and browsing other people's decks to see what kinda cheap spells they included in their deck when I happened upon a deck called Blink Riders. Which I clicked on.

Blink Riders, as it turns out, is a deck that got 9th in the Magic Pro Tour. And not only that, but this deck is--as near as I can tell--the exact deck I played against on Sunday.

In other words, the guy printed out the deck list, bought all the cards, and played with it as if he made it up himself. It's kinda like idea plagiarism. Lame.

But at least I almost beat him.

p.s. apparently this has happened in more serious tournaments as well.

/continues tweaking his own deck

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  • Blogger Elbow says so:
    October 10, 2007 at 3:50 PM  

    So reading the "more serious tournament" article was awesome. Seriously, the guy that was "sick" at the thought of this guy winning comment was priceless. But seriously it is too bad that that guy got "mana screwed" and never was able to draw the "circle of Protection: Blue I sideboarded in either!" top