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Board Games Express

Hasbro recently came out with these new express versions of Monopoly, Scrabble, and Sorry and if you check out the link, they've got online versions that you can playtest. The whole gimmick is they're new versions of the games that only take 20 minutes to play. Sorry is by far the most disappointing given that it no longer in any way resembles Sorry. To be fair, I guess that Monopoly isn't much like Monopoly, but that ends up being my favorite of the lot, maybe because it has a similar dice rolling/risk mechanic as Cloud 9. I was unsure about how I felt about Scrabble, but the most interesting thing I discovered was that if you made a word that added to an opponent's word (say, made his "CAR" "CARS" by spelling "SMACK" on the last letter), you leave his dice stranded on the table and give him less to work with. Anyhow, try it for yourself.

[p.s. that stock photo of the mom & kid is creepy]

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