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Fanboys are scary

This month's issue of Entertainment Weekly has an article about how fans were so upset back in 2003 when Battlestar Galactica was in the works that the show almost didn't go forward. People were upset about all the changes they had made over the original 1970's series. Cylons weren't big lumbering robots, Starbuck was a woman and the President was too, Boomer went from a black man to a Korean woman.

"Katie Sackhoff: "I got a death threat [mailed to me]. It made me terrified of science-fiction fans, which was unfair because 98 percent of them are fantastic human beings. But there's 2 percent of them that scare the s--- out of ya."
* * *
[Creator] Moore got an up-close-and-personal taste of the fan outrage in October 2003, when he was invited to attend Galacticon, a fan convention held at a Los Angeles hotel across the street from his Universal Studios offices. Richard Hatch [was Capt Apollo in the original series, later went on to be Tom Zarek in the reimagined series] was one of the organizers of the event. Before Moore started the audience Q&A, he showed three lengthy clips from the miniseries.
Moore The clips end, and they booed and they hissed.
Hatch It was icy cold in there. It was obvious that no one liked it, and it wasn't because it wasn't good. It was because it was so different from what everybody wanted at that time. Their questions were tipped with a lot of acid.
Moore The gist of it was "This is nothing like the series - how could you do this?" Somebody stood up and said, "Now that you've heard all this, will you take a pledge that if this show goes to series, you will make sure it's more in keeping with what we would like to see?" I said, "The answer is no. This is the show. You may not like the show, you don't have the watch the show, but this is the show that we're making." Then they got really mad. People started to stand up and yell."

To summarize the rest, Hatch stood up and said "hey sit down and listen to the guy" and Moore gave him a guest spot on the new show which later ended up turning into a good role.

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