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Cool vs Uncool: Email Trends

Sorry for the shortage of posts: I've been without internet recently.

Let's compare recent email trends that I've been seeing a lot of.

Cool Email Trend: Gmail's ability to keep emails together leading people to send quick emails. Example email:
In emailing with my D&D group to coordinate a time when we could get together, Angie mentioned that her art gallery opening was soon but didn't mention a time. I emailed back with "what time" and then she did a quick reply with the correct time. Anyone in the group viewing the email afterword would have that conversation preserved and anyone that needed to figure out what time we could meet could have all the information in one easy to read email conversation, rather than 43 (the final number of emails in the thread).

Uncool Email Trend: Quick email replies in any other context.

I emailed the local Comcast rep to get a business account set up for a corporate suite and he emailed me back to let me know the potential time we could schedule it for. I wrote him back, saying,

Hi [Name] and thanks for your help

That would work out great, but we are open 10am-4pm on Saturday. Could we perhaps move the install date to Friday 5/8?

Here is his email response in it's entirety:

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