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Money please, AT&T

For signing up with AT&T UVerse, I got a $100 reward that I assumed would be in the form of a credit on my first bill. Instead they have decided to put as many steps as possible between me and my money.

1) Today I received a letter in the mail that told me in order to get my reward, I would have to log onto their website and get it
2) I had to relookup my AT&T acct number
3) I then had to go through a two screen process in which I picked the only option: $100 check. This check will be mailed to me.
4) I hit submit on this screen and ended up back at the first screen. Just to double check that it went through, I tried redeeming it and it says it was "In cart, not redeemed"
5) So I redeemed it
6) My reward is expected to be shipped by 5/24 (a month from now)
7) Then it's off to the bank to cash it.

I'm guessing that someone figured out the more steps you put in, the more likely someone is not to redeem their reward? Our credit card rewards work in the same way. If you're getting back $50, they can do it as a credit on your account. If you are getting less, they send it back as a check (only in increments of $10) which you then have to take to the bank (the same company that issued it) in order to get the money.

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