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Innovation Please

Let's think for a second. Games that were popular on Gamecube: Metroid, Animal Crossing, Mario Kart, Mario Tennis, Super Smash Brothers, Mario, Mario Party, Zelda. Games that now exist on Wii? All of those. Popular SNES games from 15 years ago? Metroid, Mario Kart, Mario, Harvest Moon, Super Punch Out, Zelda. All on Wii or scheduled to be on Wii.

I know I'm not the first blogger to point this out, but Nintendo needs to get some new games out there. And by new games I don't mean "Release the same Pikmin game but this time with motion controls".

It's funny how many of the Wii's top games have already been done before. When Nintendo does put out an original game, it does great (see: Wii Fit, Wii Sports).

The weird thing is, despite the wild success of Miis, Nintendo hasn't done anything with them since, what, Wii play? I'm of course not counting the fact that Miis show up on the sidelines in Mario Kart.

There was a letter in the most recent issue of Nintendo Power in which the reader suggested that they make a Mii RPG in which, at the start of the game, you get to pick who is in your party and who the evil bad guy is. So I could play the game being the lead w/ Karen as the cleric and together we could try to overcome Steven Colbert. Genius. Everyone would buy this.

I'm not sure why the wii is so short on innovative games. The DS gets great titles like Elite Beat Agents, Professor Layton, and Brain Age, but they just keep working on the same old franchises on Wii. As the letter shows, it's not like there's a shortage of good ideas out there

p.s. Nintendo, if you want ideas on how to make Animal Crossing 2, I would happily tell you how to make the game different and new

In the end, I think the next game that Karen and I are most looking forward to for the Wii would be the virtual console release of Super Mario World 2 from the SNES.

E3 is coming up, but so far the rumors about what's going to be shown include a new Zelda and the new Punchout. Punchout features the same character as the NES version.

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