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"Serial Bus is a place for me to dump interesting links that I find."


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Gives Me Attention

Gives Me Hope is the blog-opposite of F My Life, and I subscribed to it for the interesting stories of people doing nice things. For example, the other day, there was a story about a Starbucks where one person paid for the drink of the person in the drive-through behind him and that person then did the same for the person behind him and this then spread to over 100 people doing the same thing that day.

The problem, however, is a recent string of posts like this:
"Today, I IMed everyone online, whether they knew me or not, telling them they're beautiful. My friend wrote back "we need more ppl like you." I look on here [referring to GMH], and I know there are more people like me. GMH"
It would be one thing if the recipient of these IMs wrote in to GMH to talk about the nice thing that their friend did and how it changed their day, but this post is written by the person that did the nice thing.

It's the equivalent of me writing a post saying "I sure am great! The other day a friend told me how great I was! The world needs more people like me and I'm glad, for the sake of humanity, that there are people like me that visit my site! I'm glad that I'm able to bring this glimmer of hope to your life."

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