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Ivanhoe Apartments in Ann Arbor sued for discrimination

Check out the following blatant discrimination from a local Ann Arbor apartment community. Here's an excerpt from the full story in the Ann Arbor News:
Over [a 10 year span], the [Fair Housing] center sent teams of African American and white prospective residents to the complex and claims that management consistently and repeatedly misrepresented the availability of apartments. The suit also alleges the apartment managers delayed applications and discouraged prospective renters based on race or color.


The lawsuit highlights one instance in April 2008 where the white team was shown a two-bedroom apartment and told it would be available within two weeks. Within the hour, a black woman seeking the same type of apartment was told none was available to view and that no vacancies were scheduled until that July or August. An hour later, a second white team visited the complex and was shown the same apartment as the previous white prospective renters.
My friend John was once a shopper that went over there and he was told they didn't have students there and I've heard of another time when a woman was told that they don't have kids there. This is like the very definition of fair housing violations.

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