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M0rtgage Rts for your h0me

My friend Matt told me this story and game me permission to spread its awesomeness across the internet.

Matt and his wife Rachel are soon closing on a house and they've got to lock in their mortgage rate, so they've been watching fluctuations in their mortgage company's rates pretty diligently waiting for just the right moment where rates are low.

That right moment came and Matt quickly shot an email off to his mortgage broker.

And then didn't hear back.

So later that day, the rates still low, he emailed again. Nothing. The next morning he emailed again. No response.

So he called them and asked what the deal was. The broker said that he hadn't actually received Matt's emails and got in touch with the IT department.

As it turns out Matt's emails were caught by the mortgage company's server's spam filter for using spam words. Those words? "Mortgage" and "interest"

[luckily they still honored the first email's rate]

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