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In the night I hear 'em talk

I get a lot of wrong numbers here at work. It's because each apartment-listing website that we use assigns us a 1-800 number and apparently some of these 1-800 numbers are very close to other things. On Monday I had someone call to reschedule her MRI.

I always answer the phone with the name of our apartment community, but half the people don't listen (and the other half hangs up without saying anything).

Another popular phone call is the conference call. Once every two weeks or so, I'll get 20-40 people calling all at once because their supervisor gave them the wrong number.

This morning, however, my phone somehow ended up on a conference call. That is, I had a voicemail message when I got into work, went to listen to it, and heard the first minute or so of a conference call about health benefits (a.k.a the part of the conference call where you say hello and tell people to mute their phones).

I'm not sure how or why my phone can get in on a conference call in the middle of the night.

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