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Things get a little crazy

I officially have my first mentally unstable person that moved in. It's going to be interesting to deal with and I'm glad he lives on the other side of the community.

This weekend he called the cops twice saying there was illegal wiring. He also came by the office and pretended to want to see an apartment for his friend, but he really did it to move the blinds in the apartment since they didn't look good from the road and newspapers from around the world were going to be coming to interview his about a CD releasing in January.

He also called the cops saying that a Canadian was watching him.

edit: and today he called to have us look at the illegal wiring (a comcast line) and told us he was an undercover government agent. It would seem that he isn't very good at staying undercover.

I was talking with the maintenance supervisor this morning and he said that we've had worse: there was once someone, when they went to service her apartment, would have her oven exhaust fan covered in tin foil and have post-its on her walls reading things like "I know you're watching me"

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