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Picasa, you are amazing

For the past few days, I've been letting Picasa (free from Google) go through my photos and do face detection on my hundreds of gigs of photos. So I told it "Hey Picasa, this is Ciara," gave it some examples, and let it go.

As it went through sorting her and other friends into categories, it found this photo and was like "here's Ciara"

But it wasn't referring to Chris. It had found her in the photo on the bookshelf and was like "here she is"

Amazing. I'm excited for it to complete scanning because I hope that it will find some friend like "oh here they are in a background of a photo 6 years ago before you knew them"

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  • Anonymous Ciara says so:
    February 15, 2010 at 1:31 AM  

    haha. Altho I wouldn't be surprised if it did mistake me for Chris - Picasa found some weird face "matches" for my friends and family!

    I just let Picasa go through my 44,000-ish pics on my computer (it took a looooong time, I can't imagine when yours will be done!). I was also fascinated... even when I ended up having to label several hundred myself from the "unnamed" set. :)

    Thanks for finding me! top