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Alan Wake Ridiculous Video Game Product Placement Examples

Ok so I've been playing Alan Wake. It's this story-heavy game where you run around and creepy dudes chase you and you try to solve a mystery of sorts. So far it's no Dead Space 2, but we'll see.

I got to the point in the game below, and for a split second I noticed, hey, is that some sort of Microsoft Sync ad or something? Then we drove away and I noticed we were specifically driving a Lincoln car.

The whole course of the game there are these dark shadowy guys chasing you, and you have to sort of break them out of their darkness by blinding them with your flashlight. Your Energizer flashlight that is.  The batteries are even called lithium batteries.

I know that this looks like a bad Photoshop job, but this is what they actually look like in game.

Alan also gets phone calls on his Verizon phone.

It would seem that later I will be trying to escape some sort of institution and come across a TV screen that actually plays a Verizon commercial

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  • Anonymous Vic 2.0 says so:
    April 15, 2014 at 10:14 PM  

    Product placement is something people complain about in games/movies yet don't know why so they have to come up with some unfounded theory about it (that is usually entirely irrelevant to experiencing the game itself) or say it's distracting when logically it shouldn't be. Unless you are against it in principle (for again no good reason), it should barely even register that Alan has a Verizon phone. I mean seriously, handle up on your attention span!

    Only product placement I even paid attention to was the commercial, because I got the humor in it. "Main character is in certain and immediate danger?... Time for a commercial break!" ;) top