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People like to spend money just to keep stuff around. I get to see it first hand.

As you remember, I rent apartments.  And all the time I see people coming in to rent space just to keep stuff.

I have had individuals living by themselves take 2 bedroom apartments.
  • One person wanted to keep her dad's big executive desk, and so she wouldn't take a 1 bedroom apartment because she needed a second bedroom to put it in.  So she's paying at least $420/year just for the right to keep that desk. 
  • I have had people who only wanted 2 bedroom apartments because they had a huge sectional couch they got for free years ago
  • I have had multiple instrances of people moving out of houses (because they couldn't afford them) and into apartments by themselves, saying they need a 2+ bedroom because they have a lot of furniture from the house.

I wonder what it must be like to work at a self storage place where people are very clearly spending a very apparent dollar amount to keep stuff. A 5x5 space in a self storage place in town would seem to cost about $50 per month.

Thought about this because of this lifehacker article

tl;dr your clutter is costing you money because it takes up space and you have to pay money for that space

Disclaimer: We have a basement that we need to finish going through, but I wish a very localized fire would go through only our basement.

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