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About a book, all-nighters

I started reading About a Boy yesterday at 4am (This is the part of the story where my mom says "oh my goodness" only to later discover it goes on from there. Hi mom!). As mentioned, I picked it up because of a passage that Ira Glass read at the start of This American Life. In fact, this passage:

About a Boy Passage from This American Life [link to mp3]

Anyhow, so I was about an hour into the book and didn't want to stop. There was too much going on. So there I was: 5am. That key, decision making time. At 5am you have the option of either 1) getting to bed and have a hard time waking up 2) pulling an all-nighter and feeling fine. At least I feel fine. I've been told that I'm pretty good at going on little sleep. I guess it probably comes from working 40hrs a week at the Daily while in college.

For those of you that haven't pulled an all-nighter recently, it's pretty great. There you are at 5am and suddenly, after you make that decision, you've stumbled upon a huge amount of free time to do stuff with. Time that you hadn't planned on ever making use of--didn't even know you could make use of for that matter. It's like finding money in an old coat.

So I finished the book around 8:30 or so and then got bagels up at Bagel Fragel. I did end up taking a nap later, but only for a couple hours.

The point, however, is About a Boy is a good book. I'm really interested to see what the movie is like because I asked Karen about it and mentioned that the crux of the movie hinged upon a scene that doesn't even exist in the book. I hope the movie doesn't ruin all my characters.

I'd tell you more about the book and what my expectations were going in and out and all that, but I don't want to ruin anything. I hope the speed I read it at is a good enough review to give you an idea of my thoughts on it.

Oh and if you pick up the book, don't read the book jacket. That's always a bad idea; I'm always surprised how much the book jackets give away and make it a point not to read them.

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